Thursday, December 07, 2006

Finding the Best Merchant Account and Payment Gateway

Finding the right Merchant Account and Payment Gateway solution has always been a involved process. Attempting to compare the thousands of varying offers online and determine compatibility with your site's back-end can be intimidating --until now.

Richmond Web Services now offers customized credit card processing solutions and special low rates with an easy online application. With rates priced to deliver return for your business, their online tools provide an easy way to compare the rates offerred by other providers.

The merchant account and gateway are bundled together through one provider making this an easy choice whether this is your first credit processing solution or you'd just like to switch to a more affordable solution. Richmond Web Services gets a special "Two Clicks" award for a great credit acceptance solution.

More info and tools about this Merchant Account and Payment Gateway solution.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Protection for Web Publishers

The California Supreme Court has ruled that Internet publishers could not be held liable if they posted defamatory comments written by others, a victory for online publishers!

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Monday, November 13, 2006

A Quick Two Clicks Solution to Your Site's Favorites Icon

A fav icon or favorites icon is simply a small graphic 16pixels by 16 pixels saved with the file extension .ico.

In order to create one for your site either:

1) Open Windows Paint and edit/save your graphic as the .ico extension.

2) Download a free Photoshop plug-in that allows Adobe Photoshop to open and save in the .co format. This link takes you directly to the free Windows plug-in.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Cool New Email Tracking Tool

For those of us who often wonder what happens to messages you send to friends, colleagues and clients, here is your solution. MSGTAG is a new desktop app that notifies you when your emails have been received and opened. Now you'll know instead of wondering. Download free version of Message Tag at

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Two Clicks to a Great Website has thousands of professional web designs, logos, flash intros and e-Commerce templates available for instant download. Create an attractive and affordable web presence in Two Clicks.

November 07, 2006 -- has released a low-cost line up of thousands of online templates, layouts and other design elements to aid with the creation or redesign of websites, blogs, ECommerce shops and other online offerings. These elements include the fully customizable HTML, Photoshop graphics, Flash and Logo sets - everything needed to make a website that looks great to your customers and your bottom line.

Log onto the website now - to take advantage of the great offers available for a limited time.

HTML Special Characters

Any Web Developer or Blogger will occasionally need to utilize HTML Special Characters to render keyboard text in certain situations. The following links are quick reference guides to address your "Special" Character needs.

Tips on Special Characters

HTML: Special Characters

Friday, October 27, 2006

Live Chat Software:

For those considering the integration of Live Chat on their website, here is a good selection of related Live Chat providers.

Crafty Syntax Live Help

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Check Out Our Web Layouts and Site Templates!!!

The Two Clicks templates site offers one of the best selections of website templates, flash intros, layouts and other related design products available on the web. Browse the site to view our world-class designs and improve your web presence

MySpace and Flash

When working with sites such as MySpace or other blog/social networking sites, you must work aroung any inherent coding database/file access limitations.

To embed your own custom Flash on MySpace or other profile sites, you'll first need to upload the flash files to an external server. Make sure you out any SWF and XML files at the same server, and make sure your code refers to all files (SWF, XML and MP3/FLV/JPG) with a full pathname.

Sample code is below. Be sure to replace all url references with your own domain name.

Sample Code ‹embed name="index" pluginspage="" src="" width="300" height="300" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" flashvars="config= file=" scale="showall"›